Born 1959 – Left CD Channel – MFA in Music

 1978: I took up guitar studies, at the age of 19. The first half year’s “teacher” was a 30 years old correspondence course I found in a garbage room…

1978–1979: Studied at “Skurups Folkhögskola”, a folk high-school. The 2 year course with musical direction, which served as a kind of prep school for conservatory studies. I also met my first real guitar teacher—Torvald Nilsson, Helsingborg, who was a former student of Professor Per-Olof Johnson.

1979–1980: The second year of the course was done at ”Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola” in Helsingborg.

 1980–1981: Private guitar studies with Torvald Nilsson.

 1981–1982: Started studies at the Swedish State Concervatory of Music at the University of Lund, an education called “I/E Guitar”. An education which aim was to produce an instrumental and ensemble teacher, with the guitar as the main instrument. No time to concentrate in classical guitar playing, however, which made me transfer to the performance department:

 1982–1986: Studies at the Swedish State Concervatory od Music at the University of Lund, Guitar Performance, with Professor Per-Olof Johnson. Master’s Degree in 1986.

 1985–1986: The final conservatory year was executed in Alicante, Spain, with Professor José Tomás.

 1986: A one year Fulbright scholarship rounded off the academic career at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, USA.

 1976–1977: Factory worker at an assembly line at Erikson, Kristianstad.

 1980 (January 26): Public Debut Concert—almost exactly 2 years after I picked up classical guitar playing. A solo recital in Broby (performed in blue jeans, cowboy boots and hair way pass the shoulders—I was still paid, though…)

 1981–1982: Guitar teacher and classroom music teacher in elementary school, Kristianstad.

 1983–1990: From my second year at the conservatory’s performance division, I started to give solo recitals more regularly. I came up in a couple of hundred before I started to play with Håkan.

 1984–1985: Part time guitar teacher at the Municipal Music School in Perstorp.

 1987–1990: Apart from giving concerts, these years I had different oddjobbs like street musician, MD for a small factory company, professional gambler etc.

 1991–>: Progetto Avanti, full time.

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