we have a project that expands the repertoire and techniques of an instrument beyond its conventional limits. We believe this to be a project that is looking forward, into the future. We call it Progetto Avanti.
    We transcribe complete orchestra works by the great masters and perform them on two guitars. The spontaneous reaction to this is to say it’s impossible. Most people do. Then they go see us perform.
    Because the concept offers the joy of recognition at the same time as it stimulates the human need for novelties and adventure.

a balance between these two extremes always attracts a lot of listeners. They come with different tastes, expectations and prejudices, but it doesn’t matter. They come.
    And that is of crucial importance for the project’s final act. The applause. A few laughs. A contact making us go for it, taking chances, having fun.
    Over the years we have learned to use this feedback as a springboard towards a state of mind where we no longer care about right or wrong, musical analysis or technical difficulties. We just care about music.
    And in our struggle to try to do the unfeasible, all of us become participants in the creation of something that for a moment or two lives its own life. Some people call it magic, some call it art.

we call it Progetto Avanti.