CD - Orchestral Illusions

Warner Classics International
Label: Finlandia Records, 1997
Record Number 0630-18915-2
Total Time: 62'36"

This is the US, UK and Canada version of the debut album. In all other countries it was released with another cover and the original name Orchestral Illusions.
    The two versions are from the year 2000 merged into one—in the Warner Classics Catalogue the album is listed with the name “Orchestral Illusions” together with the cover and record number above !!
    This means you should ask for Orchestral Illusions, no. 0630-18915-2, if you would like to order the album in a store or via a web shop… .

This version does not have the booklet text with our own comments as the "original version" had. If you want to read these, follow this link.

Sound Samples  

Joaquín Rodrigo:
Concierto de Aranjuez
for Guitar and Orchestra
(3 Movements)
Edvard Grieg:
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1
Op. 6 for Orchestra
(4 Movements)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Eine kleine Nachtmusic
String Serenade in G major, KV 525
(4 Movements)
Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto i n D major
for Strings, Lute and Basso Continuo
(3 Movements)