One of our very first sponsors was D'Addario Strings. They believed in us long before the rest of the world did, and made us “D'Addario Performing Artists" as soon as they had heard a small demo. They have supported us ever sinse. Hats off for D'Addario Strings!
    By the way—we would have performed on D'Addario Strings anyhow ;-) It's the only string that stands up to the “beating" our rather heavy repertoire give strings and guitars. They stay in tune, and they keep a full sound long enough to take us through a full time recital. If you are not a pro guitar player, perhaps it doesn't seem much, but come listen to a concert and you'll see what we mean!

Guitar freak info: Depending on the situation—live or recording—we usually use the Pro Arté Strings EJ44 (Extra Hard Tension) or EJ46 (Hard Tension).

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